Monday, December 8, 2008

We're all in a recession....

Posted by Terry McNichols

There are a lot of definitions of the word "recession." I intended to catch your attention since all the talk nonstop is about the recession we are now in. But this is a different kind of recession. One of the dictionary definitions of the word is "the act of withdrawing or going back."

Perhaps that definition doesn't define exactly what we are doing, but Leona and I have decided that, after 170 daily posts, we need to recede just a little bit. Several people told us we couldn't keep up the heady pace of every day wit and wisdom, but we have made a serious attempt to do so. With the Christmas season upon us and with both of us with our fingers in oh-so-many pies, we have decided on fewer posts.

Starting today, I will be posting every Monday, we will have a rerun of a past post on Wednesday, and Leona will be posting on Friday. We hope that by doing so we will not spiral downward into drivel, but manage to keep our posts interesting and keep you as a reader.

To be sure that you don't lose track of our posts, or miss the occasional "extra" post, consider signing up to have our blog delivered to your email or subscribe and receive the blog in whatever reader you choose to use. We may surprise you with extra pertinent posts as we are inspired, but you can at least know when we plan to post.

This may be just a temporary recession -- or it could deepen into a true depression if we indeed lose our readers! Please don't let that happen. We are enjoying the process and appreciate you as our groupies!

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Peggy Forster said...

I love how you practice what you preach. Good for you. Maybe we will be able to do the same and let go and enjoy this season more with our minds and bodies not quite as busy!!