Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome to our blog

Simone Weil was one of last century’s most interesting, albeit controversial, philosophers and thinkers. She coined the phrase “grace and gravity” when describing life. In fact, a posthumous publication of her writings was entitled “Gravity and Grace." She wrote that two forces prevail in the world, light and gravity. Gravity reflects our humanness; light reflects God’s grace.

Those two words, grace and gravity, describe for us the struggle we have between counting the joys of a life long lived and blessed, and the realities or gravity of considering life’s meaning and significance, the end of life, and the realities of eternity.

Weil wrote, “All the natural acts of the soul are controlled by laws similar to Gravity. The only exception is grace.”

In our efforts to face the arguably exciting days of our 50’s and 60’s, we have chosen to look at the process through a new set of eyes. We know that we don’t have a choice about aging, but we do have a choice about living. We are choosing to live with eyes wide open. We want to see more clearly all that is going on around us in our families, communities, around the globe and on the living room floor. Life is about the big things and ideas that haunt us – like social justice, poverty, and the price of real estate. It’s also about washing mud off our grandson’s hands and sitting very still to hear crickets squeak. We both want to experience the grace of aging with joyful, delirious abandon. But we both understand that there exists an irresistible pull of gravity – not the force that causes our skin to sag, but the realities of the difficult things in life. Like the bone-crushing gravity of the death of a friend or a newly diagnosed disease. We want to absorb it all, process it through our life experience, profession and perspective, and then write it down. Seeing our feelings in words somehow emblazons the experience on our soul, and pain is redeemed, joy is reclaimed, and life takes on new vibrancy.

Welcome to our journey of grace and gravity.


Lynnea said...

Welcome to the blog world! You must be new since you plan to post every day! You both bring a unique and important perspective...I look forward to reading!

Karen said...

My friend asked me the other day how I saw the future. Was I excited? Was I afraid? I admitted that my world view was somewhat negative. She said "No! I mean YOUR future, your personal dreams and goals." I had to say honestly that the older I become, the more I try to live in the moment, enjoying each day as it happens, taking joy in simple things. But it did get me thinking, how do other women view their futures? Perhaps this is a topic you could explore. Good luck on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Well done ladies. I think I can gain some very valuable insight from this blog. I'v been really feeling the gravity and not so much of the grace these days. I'm about to become a grandmother and it brings with it so many mixed emotions I'm not sure I could even begin to describe them all. It has caused me to view myself in an entirely different way and I'm not sure why. I don't FEEL like a grandmother. My grandmothers were "old", wise, settled, pillars of strength. I'm not feeling up to the role, and it is a starring role. At least that's the way I've always seen it. Will this change...and when?! Does it happen once the child is born, when he first smiles, when he walks or talks? When will I "feel" like a grandmother and thus be able to step into the shoes of some of the greatest women in my life!

TerriB2 said...

Yahoo! to the next generation of Sisters of Grace. What do we have to lose? NOTHING. We have only to gain serenity, courage and wisdom. Congratulations for tapping into the love and Spirit that will undoubtedly build momentum and community. Because those of us "of a certain age" really do know that it's all about relationship and building connections wherever we can. Love and grace be unto you! TB2

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new blog. I look forward to reading entries. You are both such gifted writers and have unique perpsectives and insights. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge. Ali

Anonymous said...
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