Friday, July 30, 2010

Chin Hairs - reposted

Posted by Terry McNichols

(No picture needed.  Use your imagination!)
One thing that got me thinking about writing a blog was my new experience with chin hairs. Yes, you read that right. I wanted to blog about chin hairs. I experienced an “aha” moment the other day as I was absently stroking my chin and came across a hair at least an inch long and attached to my chin. I immediately shrank back in horror and yanked it out as quickly as I could. But then I began to realize that if I could produce a chin hair with such alarming speed, unnoticed, perhaps the chin hairs I see on other people have appeared just as suddenly.

I’ve often wondered how a person can look in the mirror and spot a huge chin hair and not immediately yank it out. I’m now awakening to the reality that these hairs are stealth bombers, arriving undetected, embarrassing us without any prior warning. I’ve determined that said chin hairs must grow along the face, hidden from view and then pop out full grown. This would account for a person going out in public, not knowing there was a chin hair attack.

In talking to my friends, (incidentally all seemed to have more knowledge about chin hairs than I did) I find that sometimes the problem has to do with eyesight. One friend told the story of visiting her elderly aunt and wondering if she should mention the growing forest of chin hairs. She waited and finally the aunt asked her to pull them for her, as she knew they were there but couldn’t see to get rid of them.

I was amazed to find 124,000 hits when I searched Google using the words “chin hairs.” It appears I am not alone in wanting to write about this facial invasion. One line that caught my eye was “chin hairs are notoriously hard to kill….”

We thought we were past embarrassing facial outbreaks, but alas, chin hairs have arrived.

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