Friday, October 10, 2008

The Cyclone

Posted by Terry McNichols

Here's a quote on fear from the author of The Dance of Fear, one of my favorite authors, Harriet Lerner:

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, not far from Coney Island. Whenever I visited the amusement park, I was both terrified and enticed by a ride called the Cyclone, a daunting, high-speed roller coaster. Over several summers, I watched kids about my age get on and off that ride. I stood by as an observer, amazed by their fearlessness.

One day, a particularly sweet-looking boy strapped himself into the first car. When the ride was over, I approached him, "How did you do it?" I asked bluntly. "How do you get over being afraid?"

"You don't get over it," he told me. "You just buy a ticket."

Remember to breath. Harriet Lerner, PhD, in article in July/August 2001 Psychotherapy Networker

(Photo by wallyg, shared via Flickr)

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