Friday, September 11, 2009


Posted by Leona Bergstrom

I have always loved planning events and celebrations. That’s probably why I made my aunts and uncles play games at family dinners, served as the Social Director at Westmont, worked as an Activity Director at nursing homes and retirement communities, and single-handedly assured the success of the Party Store. I love planning projects and I have a planning grid that makes one dizzy.

But, boy, am I in deep right now! I’ve taken on the facilitation role for a national conference being held next week in Chicago. I inherited the dubious honor after most things were in motion. The problem is, they were in motion somewhere in cyberspace and lost to-do lists. I’ve been duct-taping the event together for weeks.

Now I stare down the final few days before the conference launches on Wednesday. I have killed acres of trees with all of the paper schedules I’ve written. I’ve probably sent at least a thousand emails, designed notebooks, corralled speaker handouts. The list goes on and on. It’s a list that is boring to everyone else but me. I love the thrill of planning, but I’m more excited about the big picture and the possible outcomes! If those that attend this conference get excited, convicted, moved, motivated, and provoked to action – then I‘ll be happy about every sleepless hour and chewed-down fingernail.

The conference? The 2009 CASA Leadership Conference. It’s for pastors, leaders and laypersons interested in ministry with boomers and beyond! The title: Longevity in the Church: A Gentle Revolution. It’s going to be awesome. Want to come? I can promise you a nametag, notebook and chocolate desserts!
(CASA is Christian Association Serving Adult Ministries).
(Photo by Joe Mud, shared via Flickr)

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