Monday, September 14, 2009

Opt out!

Posted by Terry McNichols

Since I have admitted my computer addictions and seem to enjoy writing about technology-related issues, here's some additional information that you might find useful. My internet service provider sent me an updated privacy policy. I doubt that most people take the time to read such things, but I was intrigued and read the fine print. There was a section in the policy that stated that I had the choice to opt out on social advertising. I read more on this subject and decided I did, indeed, want to opt out. I hadn't realized this was possible.

I suspect my particular interest came about because of a recent ad on the side of my email program that said "61 and fat?" and then proceeded to advertise something or other. I didn't pursue the ad, but was deeply offended. First of all, I can understand that my age was mined from the data my ISP holds, but fat? Do they check up on me via camera? Or are they just making a generalized assumption as to my body size and shape? I don't consider myself paranoid about computer issues and readily use my credit card online and give out a lot of personal information. But nowhere have I told anyone I'm fat! I'll bet, however, that information was gleaned from the emails I periodically get from such sites as Weight Watchers online, Spark People, nutrition and recipe websites. So yes, I am officially offended.

I have now opted out of all types of behavioral, targeted, tailored advertising! I suggest you do the same, by following the instructions on this website!

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Karla said...

Hmmmm. I never knew that they tailored them to the person online. I get them for wrinkle cream, debt, education, and of course fat reduction...I never read too much into them. Thanks for sharing that there is a way to make them stop. :)