Monday, September 28, 2009

An Invitation to a Party

Posted by Terry McNichols

What? Pity Party!** You are all invited!

Where? Online, as often as I want to write about it.

When? Until my eye returns to normal.

Why? Because, in spite of the fact that my eye is progressing, but slowly, I am still feeling very sorry for myself. I am working hard at trying to empathize with others who experience much more extreme disabilities, and learn from them as to how they cope. (My own mother had cataract surgery the very day I was in distress. But is she complaining? NO!) Why should I be blessed with no disabilities when these physical distractions are a part of the aging process? Didn't we offer in this blog's welcome post to look at the aging process through a new set of eyes? We said, and I quote:
"We know that we don’t have a choice about aging, but we do have a choice about living. We are choosing to live with eyes wide open."
Frankly, this is not what I had in mind. This "new set of eyes" is not working as well as the old set, flawed as it was.

Dress? Come as you are, but pajamas and no makeup will be the attire of the day!

BYOCF: That stands for Bring Your Own Comfort Foods, including, but not limited to ice cream, chocolate, potato chips, candy, or mac and cheese if that's what you find comforting.

RSVP -- I really want to know who is joining me! See you there -- er, here!

** Definition: "A way of experiencing grief, in which you spend your time feeling sorry for yourself and whining endlessly about how crappy your life is." (Urban Dictionary)
(Photo by Lottery Monkey, shared via Flickr)


Bethany said...

I'm sorry to hear things have not gotten better. What a drag!!!

Kathleen said...

I'll be there. I'm bringing ice cream and popcorn (my CF's of choice!)
I've had the floaters and some real flashing going on and was relieved to learn it is an aging thing. My dr. said I could expect the other eye to "blow" within 3 years (statistically speaking) Well that is just great because 3 years is up and I am in MD (that stands for Moldova where there is a serious lack of mds! )
I hope to be an outlier.
You take care, girl.
and thanks for the note an the reminder of your blog spot.

Terry McNichols said...

Hooray, two or three people will join me in my pouting and whining! Party On!!!

Trudy said...

So sorry to have missed your party. I could have joined in with pouting and whining, big time. Trudy