Friday, September 25, 2009

God's Provision for Such a Time as This

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

Boomers have the arguable reputation for going against the flow.

“You say you want a revolution...” Remember the words of those unintentional architects of a new culture, the Beatles? Those were words that defined a generation as one that wanted to change the world, making it a better place filled with love, peace and harmony. Today this boomer generation is being analyzed, dissected, even recreated as it hurls toward its later years. Not surprisingly, the world is taking notice, as it has whenever the generation makes a communal sneeze or even a hiccup.

The front end of the boomers are now well launched into their 60s and beginning to collect Social Security. This generation is causing an uproar in marketing, politics, finances, families, healthcare and yes, even religious circles. Books are being written, movies made and documentaries abound.

While we could talk about the generation's questionable distinctive, it may behoove us to consider God's purpose for this uniquely designed generation. Consider for a moment that this generation may be one of the most educated, most financially adept generations ever. Consider that this cohort, while tagged the “me generation,” reportedly contributes more dollars a year toward charitable causes than any previous generation. Consider that while the boomers have dabbled in numerous philosophies and religions, they are also seeking truth and finding, or returning to, faith in Christ in notable numbers.

While midlife and older adult ministry leaders are scratching their heads trying to develop programs that will meet the needs of boomers, consider that perhaps God, in His sovereignty, has constructed such a revolutionary, activist, intelligent, generous, spiritual and determined people to face head on the problems and pains of a needy world. Perhaps our assignment as ministry leaders is not to pamper this generation, but to inspire it to take on its God-given responsibilities. In other words, it's time we encouraged the boomers to accept the mantle of leadership -- for such a time as this!

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Peggy Forster said...

Well said and really good point Leona!!! I have never heard such a call to arms, so to speak.