Friday, August 7, 2009

Ten Years

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

A decade. Ten years. When I was younger I thought a decade was something equivalent to an eon. But today I see it appears more like a movie projected in fast forward.

Ten years ago this month we opened the Center for Senior Health in Bellingham. It was the apex of my career--followed by the lowest and most despairing time of my life. Ten years ago my dad had his second open heart surgery--the event that marked the beginning of his drastic health decline. There have been some deep sorrows in this decade.

But life has a way of balancing itself. In this decade we've seen our children graduate from college and graduate school, marry wonderful spouses, have children of their own, and maintain great jobs. We've explored the world, seen ministry opportunities come and go, moved to Seattle--and have celebrated mid-life adventures.

A decade. Ten years. I feel like building an altar of praise to God.

The next decade? Oh it will have its sorrows and its joys. I just hope it slows down little.

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