Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest Post - Jim Schmotzer

We have decided to continue with guest posts on Wednesdays from Jim Schmotzer for the month of August. He posts regularly at The Faithful Skeptic and has agreed to let us use some of his poems that relate to aging. We hope you will enjoy his poetry as much as we have.

August 1, 2007
ten years gone
a decade

we were over the mountains at a hotel
waiting to get the kids from camp
I was planning to visit the next week
got the call
you were gone

all the things you don't know

within days, OK a few months
I had a new job and car
Michael moved out
we would have talked, you would have cared

I can't believe you don't know

I imagine you in your family room
sitting in your chair
(it's upstairs in our guest room)
your television and sound system
(big screens and theater sound are the rage,
I know you'd love it)
you'd put in some action movie
tell me "listen to this"
sound would overwhelm the room
it would be impressive

i want to hear you rant about the government
and the unending stupidity of people

I want to play Upwords
just the two of us
you keeping score
for little reason
because you would win

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