Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome Home, Jr.!

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

Terry and I just have to use our blog to share our ecstatic excitement regarding the return of Ken Griffey, Jr. to the Seattle Mariners! Our emotions have been on a roller coaster this week as we watched Griffey’s commitment to us, his loyal fans, waver. It felt like junior high when you picked petals off of a daisy, wondering - “He loves me? He loves me not?”

But, yes, “he loves us” and is returning to a stadium and city needing some good news!

So many reasons to be happy:

1. The Mariners were, well, less than exciting last season. In fact, I quit watching them mid-season. (Note: Terry remained loyal throughout...)

2. Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, and thousands of other businesses are laying off employees left and right. Our house value is plummeting. The bad economy has finally affected Seattle. At least we can watch the Mariners – and Ken Griffey, Jr.-- on TV for free.

3. We remember the good old days of Griffey hitting home runs and catching unbelievable fly balls. He was our hero. We have his bobble-head and baseball cards in our collections.

4. Our grandkids are going to get to meet the Legend.

There are many other reasons to rejoice. You can read them in the Seattle Times. Some say Griffey is too old – age 39. Shoot, I’ve been 39 for years. It’s a great age.

So welcome back, Kid. Here’s two “old gals” happy to see you in a Mariners uniform.
Let’s play ball!

Here's a rundown of our favorite moments, from the Seattle Times:

Oct. 8, 1995

Sliding into home on Edgar Martinez's double to beat the Yankees in the 1995 AL Division Series.

Sept. 14, 1990

Following father Ken Griffey Sr.'s first-inning homer with one of his own against the Angels' Kirk McCaskill.

July 28, 1993

Belting a home run for the eighth consecutive game, against the Twins, tying the major-league record.

May 26, 1995

Leaping into the Kingdome's right-center wall to make a catch, shattering his wrist, later returning to help fuel miracle playoff run.

June 22, 2007

Getting a 10-minute ovation at Safeco Field as a Cincinnati Red in his first game back in Seattle since the 2000 trade.

(Photos by tonysti and Shutter Daddy, shared via Flickr)

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