Monday, February 23, 2009

Tell your grandchild a story -- online!

Posted by Terry McNichols

This new offering by called Story Teller is so much fun! I tested it by sending myself a message and it works flawlessly. Then I used it for its intended purpose and sent a story to my grandkids about our recent trip to El Salvador! Give it a try. What a neat idea! And the story or message that you record can be downloaded to a computer and played again and again. This is just another way to keep in touch over the miles.

On the topic of keeping in touch, I have also been experimenting with a granny cam (this needs a new name as it usually refers to a hidden camera keeping track of the elderly in nursing homes!) and Skype, the online free long distance service. Or a small investment of $26, you can buy a simple webcam and keep up across the miles.

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