Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dirty words - inbound

Posted by Terry McNichols

This post really has very little substance. But I was so humored by the fact that an email sent by me to a very large corporation with whom I work, bounced back at me with the title "Dirty words, inbound," and the following message:
This email has not been delivered to the intended recipient and is being returned to you due to inappropriate language or content.
Since the email contained a list of some upcoming venues and some details we were working on, it took several aborted attempts at getting the email through before I began to delete certain phrases and sets of letters to get at the culprit. It turned out that the initials of one of the events formed a word that the spam and "dirty words" censor had been taught to reject.

Since I never have, and probably never will, write an email with "dirty words, inbound," I still chuckle at the thought.(photo by tellwe, shared via Flickr)

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