Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Diminishment - a guest post

Posted by Donna Vandergriend

“Diminishment” was the word that came to mind when I reached 65 along with that state of joblessness we call retirement. My significance seemed smaller; my sense of purpose waned. Our children, whom we raised to be independent (what were we thinking?) needed us less. The phone rang fewer times; the calendar squares showed white spaces. I feared my world was getting smaller; I feared God might be setting me aside; I feared being forgotten. “Honey, I’m shrinking,” I said to my husband. He teasingly got out the tape measure and discovered I was physically an inch shorter from settling vertebrae mixed with a little osteoporosis and arthritis.

This diminishing feeling can be downright depressing…unless we figure out how to reframe our definitions. “For when I am weak, then I am strong,” is a great concept for turning diminishment into a good thing. When I am surrendered and dependent, God can powerfully work. When I just sit there, God can expand my world by showing me what He is up to. When I get myself out of the way perhaps people can better see and find Him.

Yesterday I was recalling how long and complicated our job descriptions used to be: resumes and qualifications and goals and mission statements and references on pages and pages of parchment-like paper. Today I wrote a friend. “This is what I do these days: cook, clean, read, write, converse, pray, play, and encourage.” I liked the ring of that when I re-read it, the simplicity, the diminishment of complicated, on-demand living.

The clincher on rethinking my diminishment status, though, was when, during a time of prayer, I imagined God dialoguing with me and saying: “Remember how, during those busy, hectic years of doing, doing, doing, you used to pray, pretty desperately at times: ‘Lord, show me what it means to rest in the Lord?’ Well, here it is, the possibility of true and abundant rest. Stop whining and enjoy!”

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