Friday, June 27, 2008

A book you'll savor - Terry

As long as we’re talking about products, I’d like to put in a plug for a book by my friend and fellow grandmother, Donna VanderGriend. Her book, Out of the Mouths of Grandbabes is described as "bedtime stories for grandparents," but the stories and applications will be cherished by parents and children as well. Her book was reviewed by none other than Eugene and Jan Peterson, who had this to say about the book:
"Donna Vander Griend expertly discerns the scriptural allusions, the artless gospel-echoing remarks in the talk of her nine grandchildren, and then passes them on to us in brief parable-stories. As we read her stories and listen through her attentive grandparent ears, we acquire a mind-set that hears–really hears–the innocence and purity of revealed gospel truth that comes out of the mouths of babies and grand babies. Through the unstudied, spontaneous language of our grandchildren, we can eavesdrop on the whispers of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. . . We treasure these stories."
-Eugene & Jan Peterson

I certainly can't top that description. And yes, we will be talking often about grandparenting as this is a topic near and dear to both of our hearts!

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