Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boomer thoughts #2

Posted by Terry McNichols

My church has a group for seniors. I must admit to the fact that neither I nor my husband consider ourselves "elderly" enough to join the group. We hold the same stereotypes Leona is discussing when we see the ads for activities and events. It doesn't matter that this group is far more active than we are, taking bike and kayak trips, hiking, experiencing lots of cultural events. We just don't want to admit that we have "crossed over" into that never-never land of "senior activities."

I heard a friend, who is in his late 60's, call the church group "that group for old people." But the group was offering something of interest, so he was considering checking it out.

It is surprising, however, that this dislike of stereotypes continues on. My parents, who are in their 80's, have fought the fact that they are indeed "old," in spite of living in a retirement community where they are indeed near the top of the age bracket. We all continue to look at ourselves as "different" from those around us, much younger, not ready for the planned activities.

So yes, meeting the needs of our generation will take some creativity!
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