Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Turning 60, a prequel - Leona, by Terry

Leona sent me an article she wrote in 2003 after reading my piece about my senior discount. Here is an excerpt:

I swayed in disbelief! This pimpled adolescent restaurant cashier was automatically entering the “Senior Discount” amount for my Diet Coke into the register. I hadn’t shown any identifying evidence of my age, and I certainly hadn’t asked for a discount! In fact, I’m 51 years old, have never dyed my strawberry blonde hair, never qualified for a senior discount before, and my professional career is working with seniors. What WAS this young man thinking? If it hadn’t have been for saving 61 cents, I probably would have argued. But, I took the Coke, the change and the receipt (to frame) and left the restaurant. I began wondering if I really was prepared for this journey that I have promoted like a Chamber of Commerce on Aging.

The article went on at length to discuss ideas for facing our older years, many of which you will be seeing in future posts. But the following letter to the editor of the publication is why we are a bit hesitant in writing for all the world to read….

We have been members since the beginning of (organization name omitted). I was aghast to see the article by LB where she makes light of the fact that she took the senior discount at a store before she was eligible. Isn't that dishonest? That would be something the world does but I think Jesus calls us to be honest in the little things as well as the big things. I often return change when the cashier makes a mistake - and they're always surprised but thankful. Different places have a different age limit that they consider eligible for the senior discount. I always ask although I'm 63 and still find a few places that require age 65. Hopefully, your editors won't let something like this get by again!

So there you have it. We’re nervous about every entry. But we promise to be honest and hope that you will give us feedback about what you’d like to see and hear from us. Oh, and Leona can now get some legitimate senior discounts!

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