Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father’s Day, 2008 - Leona

A Remembrance

Father’s Day is a happy-sad experience for me.

It’s really fun buying cards and gifts for my son, who is now a dad, and my son-in-law who will soon be one. Seeing the joy in their lives brings a sense of wonder to my own. I also love honoring my husband who is a truly awesome dad and “Bah-pa.”

But the day and the celebrations echo in the empty spot in my heart once filled by my own Dad. He died 5 ½ years ago, but I still think that sometime he’ll show up again and play on the floor with his great-grandkids. His presence still abounds and I see him in the way my son plays with his son, and the way our grandson teases and laughs and smiles.

And so, today I want to honor my Dad by remembering a few of the things that made him so incredibly special:

  • His unconditional love for me, and for my sister and mom. We firmly believed we were the most beautiful, talented, creative women to have ever dwelled on earth.
  • His soft, gentle spirit.
  • His hard working, can-do, will-win, attitude.
  • His beautiful voice.
  • His perseverance through pain, hard times and loss.
  • His crazy imagination.
  • His love for Jesus.
Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I will always, always love you.
From, Daughter #1

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Lynnea said...

It was special to celebrate all the new "dad's", but it was touching to read this post. Grandpa was always the first to leave the table and play on the floor with his grandkids. I can still see his smile and even remember his smell. I can almost taste that homemade ice cream that was such a special treat on a summer day!