Friday, April 30, 2010

Baseball season....

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

Everyone in my family loved baseball. I have limitless memories of my mom ironing on hot July nights while watching the Denver Bears on TV. I never liked it so much as a child. It seemed boring and sucked up everyone’s attention. But as I get older the game is growing on me. While usually mildly entertaining,  games are typically peppered with moments of wild excitement. And I do love baseball fields with bright green grass, smooth sanded baselines and predictable, defined lines.

I love the poem my friend Jim Schmotzer recently wrote. He has been a guest writer for our blog before. I’d like to share his insights with you this week....

It’s easy to write about baseball

It’s easy to write about baseball
It’s not like football, four boundary lines
Ninety degree angles of absolute control
Gladiators fighting over an odd shaped ball
Or basketball, soccer or hockey
Again, all are confined to a rectangle
Chasing an object back and forth

Baseball is unique, it stands alone
Not confined to a box, there are the lines of
First and third which give definition
But are not the last word

It’s the outfield, with a different shape
And measure in each park, it’s not the end
You can leap and stretch over the wall
And steal a home run, or the ball can
Continue flight over the fence
And if it is lucky, out of sight lost in infinity
Maybe still traveling
Theoretically still in play

The rhythm, the space and pace
The absence of time
The whisper of eternity 

(Photo by Matt McGee, shared via Flickr)

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