Friday, March 26, 2010

Pushing a Rope

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

I honestly do try to stay positive.

I am thoroughly convinced that ministry with people in midlife and beyond is critically important to the health of the church. I highly value long life and I believe that people in the second half of life have purpose and significance. I ‘m also quite sure that this generation of aging adults (sometimes called Boomers) is uniquely poised at this particular time of history to make a difference.

But there are days that I get weary of trying to convince church leaders that it matters. Some days I feel like I’m pushing a rope.

It seems as though there is greater interest in developing ministries for the young. the new church plant, the emergent movement….  all fun, interesting, innovative, and dynamic. All important.

But, if the church continues to trivialize the journey called aging, the consequences will be significant. Not only will we squelch the enthusiasm of an entire generation, we will quench the movement of the Spirit at such a time as this.

(Photo by bench_30, shared via Flickr)

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