Friday, March 12, 2010

Cookies and Quotes

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

We sat around the familiar kitchen table, most of us sipping good Swedish coffee tempered by a little half and half. One or two were reluctantly going for the herbal tea. Those were the same people who were eating apple slices while eying with envy the frosted sugar cookies and chocolates. High cholesterol changes things.

We gathered as a small group of retired pastors and missionaries. Our numbers are smaller than last year. I’m the “young” one — the only one not retired, but I’m there because I love the company. Yes, I love the cookies, but I really come for the friendships — oh, and the quotes!

This group of seasoned ministry veterans have stories about parishioners and deacon boards that would make your hair turn gray. It certainly made theirs....  I hear stories of “votes of confidence” going terribly awry, elder boards getting too powerful and arrogant, on-demand resignations, budget over runs, broken hearts. They speak in quotes like “Don’t trust the guy who picks you up at the train....” and other lines that make them howl in mutual understanding.

These are men and women who have served in the church for over half of a century. They’ve seen it all. They have their own war stories. But they have their victory songs too. Crowds of people will fill heaven’s streets because of their faithfulness.

I love it. Both the cookies and the quotes.

(Picture by teipsum, shared via Flickr)

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