Friday, January 8, 2010

A birthday -- 6 decades!

Posted by Leona Bergstrom


This weekend we celebrate my husband Richard, and his 60th birthday! Of course, I’m absolutely crazy about the guy, so I’m excited to honor him for the person he has become. Richard is a man who, in my opinion, epitomizes integrity. He is true to his word and to God’s and it shows up in his relationship with me, his children, his grandsons and those he serves through his ministry. I’m proud of him and happy to wish him a very happy birthday. And, may he live long and prosper.

On this day of celebration our family is gathering to spend time together and reflect on God’s goodness through Richard’s 60 years of life. No one knows what a blessing he is better than his mom, Ruth. I’ve heard the story of Richard’s birth several times and with each telling I see Ruth’s eyes sparkle with joy as she remembers the day her first son was born. Here’s her story – in honor of Richard.

Here is the exciting day of Dick's birth:
  After having two daughters we were hoping for a son. They could not tell us ahead of time like they do now.

  I had gone to the hospital several times with false labor pains so I was determined to stay at my sister- in-law’s home near the hospital until close to the time of birth. After several hours and some hard pains her husband said "Please go to the hospital!" So we went, and 15 minutes after we got there Dick was born.
  When they told me it was a boy I started yelling as loud as I could, “ it's a boy, Rudy! Yahoo, it's a boy! " -- over and over.
  They didn't let the Fathers in the room in those days. Everyone heard me all over that floor and even down on the next floor.
 We were so excited and he has been a blessing to us his whole 60 years.
  When it was time to take him home it was 30 below zero and we had 11 miles to go so our neighbor followed us home in case we would have car trouble along the way.        
  -- Ruth Bergstrom

Thanks, Ruth, for sharing. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. So, here’s another shout out: Yahoo for Richard!


Karla said...

That story made tears come to my eyes. Happy Birthday Dick!

Trudy said...

What a special post to my little brother. He is and has been a special blessing to us all. Love you little brother.