Monday, December 14, 2009

Fortress of Solitude

Posted by Terry McNichols

For many years I have saved a clipping of an article called "My Fortress of Solitude" from the book Coping in the Country by Mike Drummond.  I was about to copy it in total from a worn newspaper article but began to worry about copyright issues.  So I googled and came up with a blog by Mike in which he tells the story.  My husband and I have used the story many times throughout our lives at times when we are trying to "get away from it all," but still find our suitcase or backpack loaded with cell phones, ipods, cameras, rechargers, computers -- whatever paraphernalia we might otherwise need to make our own "fortress of solitude."   Or we have referenced our own solitary rock as we have moved to smaller and smaller living spaces, yet missed some of the conveniences of prior homes and begun to restock our simple abode.  We so long to simplify our lives, but find that we do enjoy our modern conveniences and technological advances.  Do read it here!

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