Friday, November 6, 2009

Sometime it pays to be OLD!

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

I am going on a SENIORS cruise.
I didn’t mean to, really.
Richard and I have a couple of extra days we are taking off for some rest and relaxation before attending some meetings at our denominational headquarters in Orlando. We always thought it would be fun to take a cruise to the Bahamas. I mean, for people who live in rainy, cloudy Seattle, a cruise to the Bahamas is on par with perhaps heaven itself.

So I booked a rather cheap cruise for three days out of Orlando.

Then the week we were to leave, I called the Royal Caribbean cruise line to see what the possibilities were for a free upgrade. I’d been advised that sometimes the cruise lines do last minute upgrades to rooms that are 2 or 3 square feet bigger.

The agent asked me how old we were. Were we over 55? Yep. Please hold. Five minutes later — "Mrs. Bergstrom, it’s great that you called. Today we are running a SENIORS Special. The three-day cruise is $90 per person. We’ll credit you the difference."

Three days for $90? I can’t live at home for that!! Sign me up!
I am going on a SENIOR cruise!! So glad Richard is over 55. :-)

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Encore Generation said...

Now that is the best cruise deal I have ever heard of. I took that cruise several years ago out of the Cape and we spent a day on Coco Cay and another in Nassau. We thought we were getting a great deal for just under $300pp.