Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Posted by Terry McNichols

My daughter, Bethany, has written a very informative post about the WIC program (Women, Infants, Children).  If you know of anyone for whom this information would be useful, please direct them to her blog.  Here's a quote:

"...I've always been hesitant to tell people we're receiving help from the government, but now I am eager to let friends and neighbors know about this great program they can tap into if they are struggling financially and have children or are pregnant. It's hard to make the leap from "financially stable" to "government supported" both mentally and emotionally, but there is no shame in doing the very best for one's children and utilizing government resources (when eligible) in order to stay out of debt."
This program has been very helpful to my daughter and her family at a time when they are making ends meet with limited resources.  I suspect that there are many parents out there who are unaware of this program and their potential eligibility, particularly at this time of high unemployment in our country.

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