Friday, October 16, 2009

Film, Faith & Justice

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

I have just returned from Moldova where I was again confronted with the sites and sounds of social injustice. I am processing the experiences and trying to make sense of it all in light of my Christian faith.

Four years ago my son, along with his friends at The Other Journal, brought the first Film, Faith and Justice event to Seattle. I attended and my faith perspectives were challenged to the core.

The 2009 Film, Faith and Justice event is being held this weekend. I recommend you go and hear theology discussed in the context of today’s most pressing issues.

Film, Faith and Justice: Exploring the Theology of Social Justice
This weekend you have the opportunity to stretch your thinking and your faith. Here are the pertinent details:

The mission of Film, Faith, and Justice is to grow awareness, foster critical dialogue, and catalyze change toward a more just world. Through screening award-winning documentaries, hosting keynote lectures by leading theologians, and moderating panel discussions with local leaders, we are interested in seeing how faith commitments and social action may complement one another toward fundamental societal change.

  Film, Faith, and Justice is hosted by an online theology and arts journal called, The Other Journal.  It is made possible by a vast network of volunteers in Seattle, some directly involved with the journal and others involved various social justice agencies and networks.

What:  Film, Faith, and Justice is a film and lecture series that essentially is made of two parts.  We host the Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival for Seattle.  We also host a lecture series and discussion panel that uses the films as dialogue partners to think about how to engage and act for justice amidst the particular issues of the day.

When: October 15th-17th, 2009.  Starts Thursday night at 7pm.

Where: Seattle First Presbyterian Church, 8th and Madison, Seattle

Why: To mine theological traditions for insight in combating today's human rights violations.  To grow awareness with corresponding call to actions.  To provide a platform for critical dialogue about religious faith and social justice.

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