Monday, August 31, 2009

A staycation....

Posted by Terry McNichols

Yes, life goes one. This has been a very busy past week for me as my husband and I have been on "staycation." We have wanted to see Wagner's Ring Cycle Opera since our first introduction to it back in 1989 on our first trip to Europe when we visited several Wagner sights. This year we finally bought tickets to see the entire Ring Cycle, 4 nights of opera. And we have enjoyed all 17-1/2 hours worth of intense music and drama. Other than the length and the intensity, what's not to like about a story that involves rings, flying Rhine maidens, fights with dragons, gods, a lot of death, spectacular fires and beautiful music, coupled with lessons on how greed and the hunger for power corrupt completely? It has been a great week, packed with a focus on the Ring Cycle, but also making good use of the vacation time. We took a hike, visited some out-of-town family, ate out several times, took our grandson for an outing, picnicked, and thoroughly enjoyed staying home for a change instead of traveling.
Wotan calls upon Loge to surround the sleeping maiden Brünnhilde with fire. As the flames appear, Wotan proclaims that only a hero unafraid of Wotan's spear can claim Brünnhilde.
But alas, I too have nothing much to contribute this week. As the leaves begin to turn on the trees here in the Northwest, we will get back to the serious writing you have come to expect -- as soon as we say goodbye to the last days of summer!

(If you have any interest in the Ring Cycle, there are many more scenes online. It will be back in Seattle in 3 years.)

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Peggy Forster said...

Good for you two. Glad it was fun and at home. You guys do the coolest stuff.