Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drifting Toward Twilight

Guest Post by Jim Schmotzer

We have decided to continue with guest posts on Wednesdays from Jim Schmotzer for the month of August. He posts regularly at The Faithful Skeptic and has agreed to let us use some of his poems that relate to aging. We hope you will enjoy his poetry as much as we have.

Drifting Toward Twilight

A cool breeze brushes my face, sunlight hits my eyes. I blink, reach for you. Get up, grab the paper and fix oatmeal, for two. Eat alone, the television newscaster mumbles.

Phone rings. Kids want to take me to dinner and talk. I know what's coming: They love me. Want my best. You've been gone so long. I forget things. Might hurt myself. They're busy. Can't always check in. They've talked to the doctor. Found a nice place. I'd enjoy being with people my own age. They love me and want what's best.

If you were here I'd be OK.

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