Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The other grandma

Posted by Terry McNichols

I linked to this article in Monday's blog post, but wanted to be sure to call it to your attention in case you missed it. When this post goes to "press," I will be spending the day in Texas with one of my granddaughter's "other Ahmas" and I thought this story expressed it so well. I am committed to seeing my out-of-town granddaughter every 3 or 4 months, and this year it has been too long. We are trying to get our Skype and videocam to work at the same time that Z is interested in talking, but a face-to-face visit is still needed. It has been 7-1/2 months since I have seen her and when some time unexpectedly freed up, I grabbed an expensive airline ticket and headed south. We grandmothers share the common love of a child and can enjoy that child together. Do you have issues with the other grandmothers in your child's life?

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Peggy Forster said...

Interesting article Terry. I have a really unique vantage point too because I am the step-Ama. But you know I dig that role. and I am truly grateful to have Z as my grandaughter. I have learned more from that 4 year old than any professor at ATM or any adult.

I think the 3 of us get along quite nicelyl. Karen is fortunate to be able to help J and J out by keeping Z regularly, and that makes them super close. I know she does an exceptional job, plus it keeps Z from going to daycare and she is being raised by her family. I am unique too in that Karen and I have shared family for a very long time. And let me assure you that both of us are better women because of getting to help raise Zella. I heard Karen say as much in her emails and the same is true for me.

I know proximity and time are huge factors for you, and I know it weighs heavily on your grand-mothering heart. I admire your commitment to coming in more frequently. truly. I am sure Bethany's grandkids will benefit from those visits too, soon.

You know whenever I think about pettiness on my part, I feel the holy spirit gently tell me, "just love that little girl." And that is what I try to do. Loving you guys and sharing all things Z is just being faithful to that command and has granted me good friendships with Zella's other Amas. Looking forward to seeing you when you come in. Enjoy Miss Z. She is a hoot!!!