Monday, June 8, 2009

Love after 80....

Posted by Terry McNichols

We were in Los Angeles last weekend for the clandestine wedding between Ken's mother, Marilyn and Verl Lindley. Both are in their 80's and widowed. They began dating in late 2008 and married on May 30th. That might seem like a short courtship, but to quote Verl, "When you're 85, a month seems like a year." Their story is amazing, actually. They dated as 16 and 17 year olds, shortly before Verl went into the military and headed off to war. Marilyn gave Verl a journal to keep while he was away, and we had a great time reading about all his exploits. One entry said "dissolved relationship with Marilyn," so we know they ended their relationship, but neither one could remember the details. Verl eventually married Lois and Marilyn married Dean and both were married to their respective spouses for over 60 years.

The two couples were very close friends over the years and Verl pastored the church that Dean and Marilyn eventually attended. When Lois died, Marilyn extended friendship and compassion to Verl -- and the rest is history! The wedding was attended by many of the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids on both sides, totally 50 guests. Just for the fun of it, and to keep the wedding small, it was kept secret from everyone else, and announcements were sent out to over 400 friends on the day of the wedding.

It was an honor for all of us to participate in this happy occasion. And it is encouraging to know that there is, indeed, love after 80! Both Verl and Marilyn had long happy marriages and finding new love at this point in their lives was a wonderful surprise. May God grant them many happy years together.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful!! Ali

book ogler said...

Dear Terry,
Love this love story. I finally noticed after long connectivity-internet problems that I wasn't getting graceandgravity any more.
Had a bad case of missing it; so re-subscribed. Such good stuff.
Oh, and thank-you for using me as a rerun. Love you, Donna

Anonymous said...

Imagine my suprise, reading your blog on "Love after 80" about Verl. I was among the first teenagers attending Granada Heights Friends Church where Verl and Lois guided and shaped my life. I was sadden to read of Lois's passing but so happy that Verl has found love again. Give him my regards. Kathy Kates aka Fluck -