Monday, May 11, 2009

Twitter for Dummies

Posted by Terry McNichols

Not that I'm suggesting any of our followers would wonder about what Twitter is or does, but just in case you are one of the many skeptics, there is a video out that will help you understand exactly what Twitter is and how it works. I read about the people who made this video in Seattle Magazine and was intrigued by their creativity and simplicity in explaining tough concepts. They have several other interesting videos that might help explain the world wide web, social networking, rss feeds, or other technologically challenging new concepts. I wrote earlier about signing up for a twitter account, but I must admit that I haven't been checking it very often. But if we are to keep up in our fast-changing world, we do need to be aware of the next big thing. And Twitter is definitely here to stay.

In my first foray into "tweeting," I had a one-on-one conversation with John Cleese, the British actor I know best from watching hours worth of Faulty Towers episodes. It was admittedly a very inane conversation, but it was John tweeting directly to me and was fun! I haven't decided who I want to follow, other than family members, so if you have any suggestions for me, please comment!

What follows, however, is a very good description of what Twitter is and how it works. Check out other video explanations at Common Craft!

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