Monday, May 18, 2009

Remote control

Posted by Terry McNichols

Sometimes the blog posts just write themselves.

I promised myself long ago that I would never be a person with 3 or 4 remotes necessary for the operation of my tv, dvd and various other things connected to my tv. But alas, that day is here.

We have been having issues with our Comcast connection, such that I finally called them and complained about our poor reception. "No problem" they say, we will just send you a small box and a set of controls and you will never have to worry again about poor reception. Not only was the box free, but box number 3 only cost $1.99, so I bought box number 3 as well.

But yesterday, as I was pointing my hand-held telephone at the tv and wondering why that didn't get the appropriate response, I realize that I have now arrived at that point in life I have so long avoided. I have friends (you know who you are) who have had these multiple hand helds for years, but I often thought them outrageously complex. Now I have joined them.

I have 3 remotes. One controls several functions of the television, including the sound. If I don't get it right, the sound disappears. If I get it wrong, there is a scary loud sound that makes my grandson burst into hysterical crying, fearing the worst. I have to first turn UP the volume on the tv remote, then control it from the new Comcast remote. So I am often hitting the volume up on one and getting no sound at all. Oh, but to control sound on the DVD, I use only the tv remote.

HOW did I get to this point of no return. When did I lose control of the remotes? How will I regain control? Got any good ideas for this neophyte, lost in the land of too many remotes?
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Karla W. said...

Do you find similar issues with computer wires to put information to or from the computer and various electronic devices?

Anonymous said...

You are not alone! I am a techno-geek (or perhaps that is an ex-TG now) who cannot operate the TV unless my stepson is around - annoying! Why so complex? Perhaps we are ready for simple voice commands.

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Terry McNichols said...

Computers and the various cords used to get me down, but somehow I am able to keep all that functioning. I have a label maker and have actually labeled all my different adapters and chargers and put the cords into labeled ziplocks. Anal, yes, but it helps. The remotes, however, defy labeling. I can't label what I don't understand!