Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome Baby Samuel!

Posted by Terry McNichols

Today I watched my fifth grandchild enter the world. I was invited to be present at the birth and enjoyed the privilege of watching a birth from the other end of the bed. I watched the birth of my three children via a mirror over the bed, but I was so distracted by the hormones, the pain, and the new baby, that I don't really remember many of the details. The details of today are very clear in my memory. At one point I even wondered if I might faint.

My husband and I answered the call at 6:30 AM and he raced to pick up our 2-1/2 year old grandson at the hospital door. I took my time, showering and then worrying that I might miss something. When I arrived, I opened the door to her room, heard her pain, and wondered WHY I had thought I wanted to be present. I had a momentary deja vu that was overpowering! When I found that my daughter was only 1-1/2 cm I gladly opted to go back home awhile and play with my toddler grandson instead. The timing was perfect with grandson napping for Bompa while I raced back to the hospital. I managed to return to the birthing room in time for the last hour of contractions and the pushing. We were all in tears when that dark head pushed its way out of what seems like an impossibly small opening! What an amazing process birth is -- everyone should be allowed the privilege of seeing it from the foot of the bed, just once!

Welcome baby Samuel Dean, Asked of God, Heard by God, named for Samuel the prophet who anointed Saul and David as kings of Israel in the Old Testament. May you live up to such a large name. And Samuel bears the middle name of my late father-in-law, an unanticipated honor, and another name to live up to! We have a "Sam" in the family. Green Eggs & Ham will never be the same again!


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Bethany said...

What a lovely post. I'm glad you were there for the "fun" part!

nhennigs said...

Congratulations on becoming grandparents again! How special that Terry got to be at the birth. Enjoy new little Sam.

Norm and Diane

Peggy Forster said...

WHat a sweet story Ama Terri. Congratulations to all.