Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rerun Wednesday - Caring for aging parents

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

Those of us in midlife whose parents are still living will no doubt face an array of paradoxical feelings, emotions and realities regarding their care and support. We find ourselves perplexed, confused, frustrated, and also blessed. We want so much to obey the command to “honor our mothers and fathers,” but we struggle with wanting to maintain our own boundaries, not wanting to intrude, and simply not knowing what to do. Everyone’s story is different, but one thing is common: We must learn when to hang on and when to let go – and when to seek help.

I am often asked for resources in how to lovingly and wisely care for our parents. One very helpful source is a website/blog written by my colleague and friend David Solie. He is a physician assistant as well as an insurance industry professional. I find his insights to be intriguing and encouraging. A recent post addresses the issue of stress in caring for aging parents. I think it is wise counsel. I wish I had written it.

Check out David's book for further insights.

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Linda said...

You have captured the frustration that many of us face as we try and maintain our own lives while caring for a parent. I think that one issue that is key is the tug between making sure that your parent is safe and comfortable and trying to maintain their dignity as you slowly take over decisions that impact their lives.