Friday, February 6, 2009


Posted by Leona Bergstrom

This week my parents-in-law (Terry’s parents) celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. Wow. That is remarkable. So few people mark such a milestone that Hallmark (or whoever it is that assigns such things) hasn’t identified a symbol, flower or stone to the 65th year. Everything over 60 is just “diamond.” Well, I would like to come up with my own symbols in honor of Ruth and Rudy.

Symbol: A strand of three cords.
As described in Ecclesiastes 4:12, Ruth and Rudy have lives that are interwoven with each other but supported and reinforced by God, the third strand. Their faith in their Savior has never wavered, no matter the season, the difficulty, or the joy.

Flower: Nasturtium.
What other flower would best symbolize Ruth and Rudy? Not only has Rudy nurtured them and watched them grow all around him, he has harvested millions of seeds and sent them all over the country. This fast growing, indomitable, beautiful flower reflects Ruth and Rudy’s impact on thousands of lives. Not only did they raise five incredible children, they've welcomed grandchildren, great grandchildren, and recently celebrated the birth of a great-great grandchild! They have always shared spirited love and extraordinary compassion with family, friends, neighbors, pastors, missionaries, and hundreds of strangers they have met in RV parks and McDonalds.

Stone: Diamond
OK, I’ll go with Hallmark on this one. The marriage of Ruth and Rudy is strong, invincible and scratch –resistant, just like a diamond. Through the years of joy and pain, new facets and new sparkles have emerged. On the surface you see the bright glow radiated by a long life of love. But the individual facets reflect an unconquerable sense of adventure, invincible work ethic and unshakable faith.

Happy Anniversary to my “other” parents. You have modeled for your son and me what it means to persevere in love. I hope we get to celebrate 65 years of marriage. Maybe by then Hallmark will come up with their own set of symbols for such an extraordinary milestone!

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