Friday, February 13, 2009

Disney World...

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

(Leona and her husband are attending a pastors' conference, based at the Disney World Resort and Conference Center.)

Today I spent my fourth day in Disney World. What a place. Acres and acres of land filled with every kind of fanciful attraction, thrill ride, fantasy experience and shopping extravaganza.

We are staying in one of the dozens of Disney World resorts. We take Disney World busses to other resorts and attractions. We have not set our foot on any land other than Disney's. While it feels like we live in a little bubble, it is our reality.

We are always touching plants and trees to see if they are real. Some of them are. The rock formations seldom are real, and never, never in this land are pirates, clown fish or long-eared dogs real. They are characters - something pretending to be something it isn't.

Everything is delightfully pretend here. Your imagination goes wild. We are truly in Disney's world.

But today, it dawned on me, that while it appears perfect, Disney's world is that. Disney's. While it is magnificent, it is fake, pretend, imagined - a finite display of man's creativity. It became strikingly clear to me how majestic, magnificent and profound it is to actually live in GOD'S world! The Creator has indeed fashioned real mountains, forests, trees, animals, birds -- and man and woman.

Our pastor is currently preaching through Genesis. Today I think I caught a glimpse in my own understanding of how awesome our Creator really is, and how valuable His creation.
(Photo by Raymond Brown, shared via Flickr)


Anonymous said...

But we all know that ONE of the parrots in The Tiki Room is real...

Lynnea said...

Glad to have you home!!

Peggy Forster said...

Man that is a great analogy!!!!