Friday, December 12, 2008

Give yourself time!

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

During the holiday season I have noticed that sometimes I forget to breathe. I realize it when I suddenly become nearly faint from lack of oxygen and my jaw is frozen in a teeth-clenching stronghold. Today I found this word of advice tucked in one of my overstuffed files. It’s a great reminder.
The holidays can seem overwhelming if you miss the gift they promise.
The holidays offer a rebirth of spirit at the coldest season of the year, the winter before the spring.
You are asked to see and hear the beauty all around, the love within. It is time to move closer to one another, generate warmth, celebrate life.
There is only one thing that can stop the Holiday spirit: The speed at which you travel through the season.
The music is there if you take the time to listen.
The spirit is there if you take the time to let it touch your heart.
The beauty is there if you give yourself time to see.
The commercialization is an injection of speed that you can bypass.
Walk slower, feel more, do less. You can have the spirit for nothing more than your time.
Give yourself time for the holidays.

--Author unknown
(Photo by Leo Reynolds, shared via Flickr)


Anonymous said...

Your Grandmother lived to be 100. Mind sharp as a tack. Was doing crosswords and word find right up until her passing. Does this mean you'll live to be 100 and sharp. Go for it.

Julie said...

I'm wondering about Scrabble - does that count?

Terry McNichols said...

OF COURSE Scrabble counts! And you can play it without a partner, online, or against your computer if you can't find someone to play!