Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting rid of stuff

Posted by Terry McNichols

I wrote here about getting rid of books. Now I'm working on getting rid of CDs. At least I have found a better way to deal with CDs. I am joining the iPod generation. For a number of years we have had an older components-type CD player, in an inconvenient location, meaning that I didn't really play much music other than one CD at a time in a cheap CD player. Recently I decided it was time. I now have an 80 gig iPod and wireless speakers and have spent far more time that I care to divulge uploading all of our lifetime of CDs. Now I can play anything in our collection within just a few seconds of deciding what matches my mood of the day. I have music on much more than ever before, since it is now so convenient. And I'm listening to pieces I had long ago forgotten we owned.

My next step (when I can convince my husband that he is ready to give up the actual physical CDs) will be to begin swapping those CDs on the Swap-a-CD site. I can get more books to read, CDs that I would like to add to my collection, or DVDs with the points I acquire. We began to order CDs of some of the old vinyls my husband was still holding on to and have even cleared those out of our attic.

So what shall I listen to ... classical? opera? country western? Christian? So many choices!

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