Monday, September 15, 2008

Breaking the “Boomer Code” – Part 5 of 5

Posted by Leona Bergstrom

Code Breaker #4: Find Significance

It has been said that significance is the new capital, meaning it is not enough for people to have arrived at financial security in midlife. What people really hunger for is to make a significant contribution to the world. Many Boomers are asking “Am I meant to do something more with my life?”

Bob Buford, author of HalfTime and Finishing Well, and CEO and president of Leadership Network states, “Success to me is using your knowledge and experience to build up your own portfolio. Significance is using your knowledge and experience to share with others. I really believe the church is going to be the logical gateway for increasing levels of significance in society – if the leaders in the church are willing to challenge people.”

It is important that as we plan ministry with Boomers that we don’t try to corral them into a “group” but rather train, equip, and deploy them into a world that needs their ideas and energy. We can create infrastructures that not only inspire Boomers to make a difference but provide opportunities to do so.

We have been thrilled to watch people in the second half of life tackle the challenges of our society. We’ve taken many on short-term mission trips to countries that needed their expertise and skills. We’ve seen Boomers transform schools, communities, government, businesses, and families. This may be the time that Boomers fulfill the dreams of that Beatles’ song, “They say we want a revolution, oh no, we just want to change the world….”

Opportunities Ahead

These are four code breakers that we think will begin to break down the walls for ministry with and through Boomers. The old ways are not going to work with this generation. Ministry will need to be new, fresh, innovative – and be the Boomers’ ideas!

Our conclusion is that there is plenty of passion, plenty of energy and plenty of need! The time is now for us to be creative and work together to reach Boomers for Christ and watch them bloom!

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