Friday, August 29, 2008

My mother

Posted by Terry McNichols

My mother turned 83 last month. She weathered her own storm this past year, fighting and beating lymphoma. She lost all of her hair, was nauseated for months, and is now "cancer free" according to her latest PET scan. But the year has not been easy for her.
One thing my mother decided during this year was to stop dying her hair. We have been after her for years, trying to convince her that her natural hair color would be lovely. Her hair has grown in curly, gray and beautiful. As a result, she now looks more like her own mother did in my memory, and probably more like I will look at her age.

In spite of her cancer treatments, my mother managed to continue to sell real estate in Arizona during her ordeal. She was able to cover the costs of her treatment, selling over $1Million in real estate, in a down-turned market! How many 83-year-olds are still working, selling real estate, managing a business, without considering the additional stress of having to deal with cancer treatment? Go Mom! You're quite the woman! We all are proud of your spunk!

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Peggy Forster said...

What a remarkable person your mom is!!! I remember meeting her at the wedding and got the same impression. Thanks for sharing her indomitable spirit. It is a thing of beauty.