Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boomer thoughts - #1

Posted by Terry McNichols

YES, we are looking for meaning and significance in our lives as we pass over into the "seniors" category. We don't know how long we will be in the "seniors" category and don't dare pull up our rocking chairs and take a rest. A woman I know just turned 90. She put together her list of things she wants to do in the next ten years. I asked her permission to post her list. She stated that the list is not in order of priority. Here it is:
1. Increase my Bible study and prayer life.
2. Learn to use the internet and computer competently.
3. Write a book for my family and grandchildren.
4. Keep up my correspondence better.
5. Take up golf again.
6. Get my house in order.
7. Learn to speak and read Spanish.
8. Take a cruise around South America going near Antarctica.

And the final goal, framed and hanging on her wall:
"Plan as though I'll be living for a century (100 years).
Live as though I'll be leaving today.
I need to make my list. Number one on my list? Make list for next ten years! I challenged my friend to check out our blog as a way of fulfilling number two on her list! I'll be waiting for something in our comment section, dear friend!

(Photo by er3465, Flickr)

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