Friday, July 25, 2008

Riding the buses - Terry

I have been fascinated by people riding on buses since the days in Phoenix when I rode the bus downtown daily to a summer job. There was an old, wrinkled man who smelled of pickles and I made up stories about him in my head. It turned out he really did work at a pickle factory, and his real life was probably much more colorful than my stories. And just the other day as I rode the bus in Seattle, I thought to myself that one could certainly see a lot of the city by riding the buses from starting point to the end of the line.

So I was surprised to read this article in the Seattle Times. This man was looking for a way to spend his time (and his wife was looking for a way to get him out of the house). He chose to ride the city buses, starting with number one and working his way up through Seattle's buses, seeing the city in its entirety, meeting interesting people, and filling his days with unique experiences. I thought this deserved our attention as this man has found a way to add inexpensive experiences to his life as a retiree.
(Photo by Andreas Solberg, Flickr)

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